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10 Tips To Prevent Hair Damage

Posted by -   Funway
07:21:05 2014-05-30 Hair Care

In our daily routine that mistakes are mistreated hair. Here some tips to prevent hair damage.

Hair specialists of international brand John Frieda, we show the 10 most common mistakes we make when it comes to women's care of our hair.

1. Daily wash: Wash your hair every day or even more often if you make physical activity can stop the natural fat, leaving it dry and more susceptible to breakage. Try washing every other day, and if the roots look a little greasy, rocíale some dry shampoo (Dry Shampoo) which absorbs oil from the root, and gives it a fresh and natural without rinsing.

2. Do not cut regularly: Normally, we avoid the scissors out of style or if we want to grow hair, but in reality, you're not doing a favor to your hair, then you end up with split ends and hair quickly begin to look neglected.

3. Using too much conditioner: Excess conditioner, even on dry hair or thick, can stick to your hair and leave residues that make you look dirty and lifeless. Try using the formula lighter than your hair resist and Rehydrating Treatment Intensive Conditioner, if you need it. When you apply your conditioner, avoid the areas closest to the scalp and the product concentrated towards the tips.

4. Overheating: You are probably used to using, dryer, iron or tongs every day, then your hair can be burned by excess heat. You must use a product that protects the wear caused by the use of dryers, irons and sun exposure.

5. Choosing the wrong type of products for your hair type: Apply on hair styling cream fine hair strands will crushed. Furthermore, if you try to comb a hair heavy, thick and curly with just a dash of spray gel, will not achieve control frizz, or you'll help to maintain a look over a whole day. For best results, look for a product line that is designed specifically for your hair type and style.

6. To think that more is better: You can ruin your look too much or too little product. A lesser amount will not obtain the expected benefits (for example, using very little styling cream anti-frizz leave a half and electrified aspect). But too much can cause various problems. For products with silicone few drops are enough to comb cream, gel or mousse put a small amount in the palm and then apply it on your hair, if you think you need to apply a little more.

7. Tie it in a ponytail with any elastic band: Before taking a rubber band to pick up your hair, check it carefully. If not covered by a soft material, you risk damaging your hair. A rubber band-like a rubber band rubber - is tangled in the hair, causing dramatic breakdowns and damage to hair strands trying to remove it.

8. Staying in style routine: Nothing more refreshing than a new look. When we change our appearance, our attitude also change and creates a reaction in the perception of the people around us. Try changing your look regularly to renew energy and modernizarte.

9. Brushing long hair: Brushing your hair once or twice a day is an excellent way to stimulate the scalp and distribute its oiliness. Do it too often could have the opposite effect and leave it more vulnerable to damage.

10. Ignoring the health of the scalp follicles in the scalp are the birthplace of every strand of hair on your head. If these plants are not clean and sound, may not produce a strong and healthy hair. Shampoos and conditioners based eucalyptus and mint, clean the scalp and provide nutrients needed to stimulate growth and give strength to the hair. Also be sure to rinse all the product of the scalp before leaving the shower, so that no residue that can clog the hair follicles.

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