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Improving Your Home Décor on a Budget

Posted by -   Funway
07:45:16 2014-05-30 In Side Home

 Updating your home does not require a hefty budget. You do need to start major renovation work in order to give your home a lift. There are quite a few ways to improve your home décor which are both easy on effort and on your budget.

Getting new lampshades is a great way to improve or rejuvenate the look and feel of a home and these can be purchased for a relatively small price. Contemporary designs or simple shades can help create a completely different atmosphere.

A fresh coat of paint is the long revered makeover option. However, you do not need to paint the entire house or an entire room differently. Focus your attention on a single wall. You can also use tricks such as drawing a border around the sofa in a contrasting color to give the impression of a gallery. Bookshelves and drawers can also be painted and these can provide accents which liven up the place.

Window dressings should also be considered as objects for renovation. Modern stores provide various different ready-made draperies. You can choose to cut and hem these to the right size or leave the extra bit to collect on the floor. Whatever your tastes, there are affordable options available in almost every permutation and design.

Color is a great way to change the feel of a room. Intelligent combination of colors can create effects which are far superior to getting new furniture or new home décor. Try to string a room together by combining two contrasting colors. Black and white is a popular choice but consider other variations such as deep blue and white or red and black.

Take all your home décor accessories and put them away. Sort through your accessories and keep only those which have the most impact. Placement is also essential so take care to ensure that the objects and accessories are placed in an area where they are both viewable and where they have some sort of co-relation with the objects and furniture around them.

Try placing paintings and art on different walls and different rooms. Not only does the wall become different but the art itself becomes strangely refreshed. As if the new setting has opened your eyes to some new perspective which you did not notice before.

Here’s a simple and elegant scheme to follow. If you find a wall is too empty for your liking, get a bunch of family photos which you adore and make a collage out of them. Get frames which match with each other. Plan out your arrangement by first placing the photos on the floor and then settle on a plan which works for you. Remember, the person who is going to be viewing it the most is you, so do not compromise on your personal tastes.

You can get cheap frame mouldings which can help give plain walls and hallways a wonderful layered and paneled feel.

Get a cheap chandelier. Update it with paint or additional crystals which are available at most lighting stores. This is a great way to replace your old lighting system and to provide a different focal point to the room.

Stalk social media and sites such as eBay for bargains. Being updated with these sites will help you come across deals and objects which you will almost never find in normal circumstances. Think of it as online flea marketing.

Many stores sell patches of high end carpets at very low prices. These make for excellent rugs and floor spreads. The edges of the carpet will have to be bound and this can be done at the store itself.

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