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I'm Sorry - Don't Let Me Be Going

Posted by -   Funway
19:32:10 2014-07-02 Family Poems

I don't quite know how,
To write what I must,
But on this one page,
I'll write what I trust.
I trust in you,
To keep me alive,
As much as I trust,
The night sky to rise.
I know I once said,
That we'll always be friends,
But I never had the chance,
To say it again.
I will say it now,
For that friendship is tried,
But believe in me now,
For all the tears that I've cried.
I need you as much,
As the fish needs the sea,
And I hope that soon,
You'll come back to me.
To be gone with my now,
Would sign my death warrant,
Or to let me loose,
Into the current.
Please hear what
I'm not telling you.
Please see what I'm not showing.
Please feel how much
I feel for you,
And don't let me be going.


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I'm Sorry Poem - My Sister

Posted by -   Funway
19:28:52 2014-07-02 Family Poems

I love you sister more then you will ever know,
If you love me as much as I do well it hardly shows,
Now that your back in your old town I have disappeared,
And that's the one thing I have feared,
You may not care and think it's a lie,
But it's not you is I,
I sit and think if only I didn't love you as much and you weren't my best friend,
That all this aching pain would come to an end,

Just know that I want it like it was before,
And I'll do it anything for our old bond and more,
You mean the world to me oh can't you see,
Just say those beautiful words to me won't you please


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I'm Sorry Poem - Dear Dad

Posted by -   Funway
19:27:16 2014-07-02 Family Poems

Dear Daddy,
You may not get this in time
I know you look after me, Nick and Chris
You were a great father, And I am sorry I didn't show it
I love you with all my heart.
You were there for me, you were my knight in shining armor
Although I did not agree with some of the things you did,
I love you.
You caused my mother pain, I did not realize it.
I took for granted how much your love meant to me
Now I will never know. We may be millions of miles away
But we will always have each other.
Tears come at night for the loss of my father
My one true father, who was there
I know up in Heaven, you will be safe
No more worries from down below,
So please take this as an apology
I am sorry daddy, I did not show my love
So please God, take this note and give it to my father
And tell him
I love you daddy!


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My Daughter My Friend

Posted by -   Funway
15:06:26 2014-07-02 Family Poems

You are my daughter,
and you are my friend too.
You can always talk to me,
and I can always talk to you.

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A Grandmother Is

Posted by -   Funway
15:04:52 2014-07-02 Family Poems

A Grandmother is
A hug to the heart,
A comfort to the soul
An uplifting smile,
A hand to hold 

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Sister Birthday - Sisters and Friends

Posted by -   Funway
15:02:21 2014-07-02 Family Poems

We’ve shared many moments
laughing and talking
Not just as sisters,
but as friends too.

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Wonderful Mother

Posted by -   Funway
15:01:31 2014-07-02 Family Poems

I want you to know, now and always,
that although I don’t always say what’s in my heart,
I appreciate the wonderful Mother that you are.

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My Sister

Posted by -   Funway
15:00:27 2014-07-02 Family Poems

Growing up, we didn’t always agree
But isn’t that the way Sisters are supposed to be?

We didn’t always talk,
and often when we tried,
it somehow turned into a silly little fight.

Thankfully we’re older,

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More Than Just My Sister

Posted by -   Funway
14:59:37 2014-07-02 Family Poems

My sister,
You’ve always been a guiding light
As I’ve experienced
The ups and downs of life

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I Love You My Sister

Posted by -   Funway
14:58:42 2014-07-02 Family Poems

My Sister,
You may be the younger one
But you’re wise beyond your years
When I look to you, I look up
And I admire what I see
A sister; a friend
So full of love, so full of strength

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